Bushfire emergency in WA shire of Harvey, people urged to evacuate their homes

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People in the red area have been advised to leave immediately if the way is clear.

A bushfire burning in scrubland in WA’s South West, about 15 kilometres north of Leschenault is threatening lives and homes and the alert level has been raised to an emergency warning.

The warning includes people in an area bounded by Treasure Road, Wellesley Road North and Old Coast Road north of Kemerton, in the Shire of Harvey.

If you are in this area the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) says you should leave now if the way is clear.

Do not wait and see, as waiting could be deadly, DFES says.

A watch and act alert level applies to the area bounded by Runnymede Road, Wellesley Road North and Rhodes Road.

More information can be found on the Emergency WA alerts website.

The fire started near the Treasure Road and Wellesley Road North intersection

The bushfire is moving fast in a north easterly direction.

It is out of control and unpredictable.

The fire is believed to have been deliberately lit, and 40 hectares have been burnt so far.