Little wardrobe hacks that make a huge difference

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Marie Kondo in no time

By now some of us have started thinking about purging our closets of unworn clothing and miscellaneous debris. To that we say, good luck!

And after you’ve chucked that fluoro boob tube once and for all, why not hack your wardrobe a little to get the most out of your space. Image: tu tu / unsplash

<img src="×0/; alt="<strong>Hang long items to the left

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Hang long items to the left

Keep long coats, dresses, and pants to the left of your cupboard, and shorter jackets, dresses, blouses and skirts to the right. It’s pleasing on the eye, and easy to find what you’re looking for, fast. Image: Instagram

<img src="×0/; alt="<strong>Organise by colour

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Organise by colour

Within your subgroup hangings (dresses, skirts etc) organise items by colour. This will give your closet a uniform look, and again, will make searching for that top you swore was in there somewhere, much easier. Image: Instagram

<img src="×0/; alt="<strong>Use uniform hangers

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Use uniform hangers

Hanging your clothes on matching hangers instantly improves the look and feel of your wardrobe. There are cheap and strong plastic options, or we have found wooden hangers at $2 shops in the past. Budget boutique!

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<img src="×0/; alt="<strong>Storage cubes are your friend

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Storage cubes are your friend

Fold or roll delicate knits and tee shirts, and place in storage cubes or old shoeboxes that can easily fit underneath the right side of your hanging space.Image: Instagram

<img src="×0/; alt="<strong>Hang your shoes

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Hang your shoes

Grab a cheap vertical shoe and bag divider to hang your shoes neatly in your wardrobe. Divide into flats, sandals, heels, and joggers to easily grab what you need. Image: Pinterest

<img src="×0/; alt="<strong>Hook your scarves

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Hook your scarves

Grab a bunch of shower rings, hook onto a hanger and loop your scarves through to put an end to searching through a tangled mess of a drawer. This can work for caps, ties and bras, too. Image: Pinterest

<img src="×0/; alt="<strong>Create your own fitting room

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Create your own fitting room

Instead of throwing together outfits on your bed, install a hook inside your wardrobe door to easily hang and swap out potential outfits. What did we say about budget boutique!? Image: Instagram