5 ways to prepare your home for your new puppy or kitten

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Getting a new pet can be a lot of responsibility, and there are a lot of things to think about, and sometimes we forget about the hidden hazards in our home that our pets face every day.

To make sure your pet comes home to a safe environment, there are a few steps you can take to ensure they live a healthy and happy life.

Keep all medicine out of reach

Kittens can jump high to get what they want and puppies have lots of curiosity and will eat anything they find. Make sure that your medicine basket is out of reach of your new pet so you aren’t unexpectedly making a trip to the vet.

Also make sure that if your pet needs medication, you aren’t leaving it in the cupboard to expire. Just like your medication, you should be returning your pet’s medication to the pharmacy to be disposed of. The pharmacist can dispose of your pet’s medicines along with yours in the Return Unwanted Medicines bin, which will get rid of them safely and responsibly.

Watch your electrical cords

Both kittens and puppies like to chew things, and an electrical cord should not be one of them. Make sure that if you have any electrical cords in clear sight that you move them to a place where your new pet can’t find them.

This is the same for cords that are hanging, as kittens will see this as a piece of string and want to play with it. You will need to get into the habit of putting away your chargers and turning off power points to ensure there is no danger to your pet.

Keep the toilet seat down

Animals are attracted to water to either play in or drink. Your new pet may look at the toilet bowl and think it is the perfect place to drink out of, only to find themselves in a spot of bother if they fall in. It may be a bit of a hard habit to put down the lid, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Close off balconies and make sure you have checked your fences

It may seem obvious; when you’re getting a new pet, usually the first place to check if it is up to scratch is your backyard. But think about the areas that you may have overlooked. Are there little escape holes or areas where your pet could get caught? With a balcony, is there an area where your pet could potentially fall off? If so, it’s best you create some barriers with something like a baby gate. You need to get down to the eye level of pets and see the world from their perspective.

Check your plants

A lot of people may not know that some plants are poisonous to animals. Consuming these plants could cause a range of problems for your pet, including vomiting to serious illness. Pets, especially new pets, can become very curious of their new surroundings and eat something that may make them sick. You can find a list of these potential plants here