What the colour of your front door reveals about your personality

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You could be clueing people in to the type of person you are before they’ve even knocked on your front door, new research reveals.

Colour experts Pantone teamed up with London real estate agents Marsh & Parsons to conduct research into what your choice of front door colour might suggest about the type of person you are.

And when you’re all the colours?

They looked into the psychological associations between door colour and the impression it gives visitors about the kind of person you are.

Londoners tend to favour four colours for their front doors: black, white, grey and navy. Pretty classic stuff.

Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Colour Institute, points out that while you can’t be completely scientific about the colour-personality link, there are some clear associations.

Deeper hues

Image: Jacob Culp / Unsplash


“Clearly someone who chooses black… is probably inclined towards an imposing first impression that suggests power and prestige,” said Alex Lyle, sales director of Marsh & Parsons.

This is a sentiment backed up by Pressman, who says: “’Black (or Black Onyx as we refer to it internally) is elegant, powerful, and prestigious.”

Dark grey

“Castor Grey, a deep and dusty shade, is thought to be timeless and classic, and doesn’t run the risk of going out of fashion,” says Pressman.Related9Honey | SwarovskiBTS with a celebrity makeup artist9Honey | GLADThree shortcuts to a crowd-pleasing Sunday dinner9HoneyHow bad are your spending habits?9Honey |The beach-side oasis with a hidden asset powered by plista


Pressman explains how deep blue also emits a sense of power, while also offering a sense of trustworthiness. “Navy Peony is authoritative and trustworthy,” she says.

Soft but still colourful

Image: Gleren Meneghin / Unsplash


Nile Green, more a soft green similar to a sage colour, oozes a sense of “calm, quiet and soothing,” says Pressman.


Argyle purple is more like a mauve (think blackberry soft serve), and a front door decked out in this shade may suggest the owner has “a penchant for the dramatic.”


Pantone’s Pink Lavender is basically a Millennial dream colour. The message it conveys when this pastel hue encompasses the front door? “youthful and spirited.” Sounds about right.

Whites and brights

Image: Landon Martin / Unsplash


“Brilliant White is simple, crisp and pristine and often favoured by those going for a minimalist look,” explains Pressman.


Red is made to stand out, and can be the perfect shade for the entry door of a home wanting to make a statement and draw you in.

“Instantly recognised as offering good cheer, a front door in True Red is more likely to be preferred by commanding, dynamic and engaging individuals,” says Pressman.


Yellow will forever be a friendly, happy colour. “Minion Yellow is warm and welcoming, conveying a sense of optimism and uplift,” says Pressman.

“Someone who paints their front door a vibrant pink or yellow is making a statement that life should be fun,” says Lyle.

Au natural

And if you don’t want any colour at all? “Opting for a natural stain is rustic and comforting.”

Colour for thought

Perhaps you’ll think a little more in depth about what colour best reflects your home and who you want to reflect.

If you plan to sell, Lyle believes that while it wouldn’t deter someone from buying a home, the inverse is that people might gravitate towards a home with a door colour they assciate positively with.

“We would not suggest that a particularly outlandish colour might affect a sale, but psychologically, people might subconsciously be more attracted to a house which reflects their own personality.”