Eight golden rules for keeping your home tidy

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Let’s be honest, it’s not that easy to keep a tidy house all the time with our busy lifestyles… or is it?

The Good Housekeeping Institute quizzed meticulous homeowners who manage to keep their home in open for inspection shape all year round and came up with a list of eight failsafe tips so you can keep your home immaculate.

1. Set a time limit to dusting

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1. Set a time limit to dusting

It’s one of those jobs no one wants to do and you inevitably put it off… forever. The reason, according to the tidy experts is that it seems like such a big task.

The trick? Set a 10-minute timer on your phone and do what you can in that time. You’ll be surprised how much you get done.

Make sure you dust from top to bottom, and do it before you vacuum.

2. Put your clothes away every day

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2. Put your clothes away every day

We all have ‘the chair’. For some people it might be the side of the bed, or a specific spot on the floor.

But whatever your version of ‘the chair’ is – it’s the number one reason your home is untidy.

What starts off as a pile of clean and ‘mostly clean’ clothes heaped somewhere in your room becomes a full-blown mess by after a few days.

Resist the urge to pile any items there and put them away every day.

3. Empty the fridge once a week

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3. Empty the fridge once a week

The fridge is one of those places that can get gross pretty quickly.

If you’re one of those people who occasionally find unidentified items shoved up the back that could pass for science experiments, then this rule is for you.

Pick a time every week (Saturday morning is a good one) and empty out the leftovers from the past seven days.

4. Vacuum once a week every week

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4. Vacuum once a week every week

Groaannnnn. We know, we know, this one is a pain but it really is essential in order to have a spick and span home.

Make a playlist, blast your fave tunes and just get into it. The time will pass quicker than you think it will.

5. Don't do it all

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5. Don’t do it all

One of the main reasons people don’t tidy regularly is because it seems like such a big job.

Re-program the way you think about it by giving yourself a 15-minute time limit to do a general tidy up and then tackle one specific task such as the vacuuming or scrubbing the shower recess.

6. Clear your clutter

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6. Clear your clutter

Notes from school, receipts, cards of Panadol that inexplicably only have one tablet left on it? You’ve got a pile somewhere in your home and it grows bigger and bigger every week.

Take five minutes every week to sort through it and chuck anything you don’t actually need, and file or pack away the things you want to keep.

These little piles of items are the gateway to a messy home.

7. Prioritise your MVP

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7. Prioritise your MVP

We’re talking about the most used room in your home. In most cases it’s the kitchen or living room.

Always start tidying in that room, because if that space is tidy then the rest of the house will follow (or at least help it feel like your home is tidier than it is).

8. Find ways to enjoy it

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8. Find ways to enjoy it

Some people get a kick out of tidying the house, but if you’re not one of them then find a way to make it more enjoyable. 

Blast your favourite music, listen to a podcast or audiobook or stream a TV series so you enjoy it.