North Korea launched what experts believe is a short-range ballistic missile.

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one-in-a-million shot from space has captured the moment North Korea launched what experts believe is a short-range ballistic missile.

The spectacular and rare image shows the launch site just moments after the rocket was fired from a known launch site on the coast of the rogue state over the weekend.WONSANLAUNCH SITE

Imagery: EU/Sentinel 2

Imagery: Planet Labs Inc

Will Marshall is one of the founders of Planet Labs, the satellite company which captured the image. He tweeted his surprise at having captured the launch.

“North Korean missile trail from space! Damn improbable; but if we take [more than a] million images/day we’ll get one in a million shots!”

Supplied: Planet Labs Inc.

It was the first missile launch since the North fired an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in 2017 and comes amid a diplomatic breakdown between the US and North Korea over talks aimed at providing sanctions relief for nuclear disarmament.

For many experts, including Dr Lewis, the use of a short range missile in this test was seen as a warning.

“They didn’t break their moratorium because they’ve only promised to stop launching ICBMs, but at the same time they had stopped launching everything,” he said.

“This is them slowly resuming some of the smaller things, letting us know that if negotiations don’t resume then there’s bigger stuff to come.”