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There are so many different ways to get around Koh Rong island. My very first trip, we took a speed ferry, and our second time we took Happy boat journey. 

Speed Ferry:
Once you get to Sihanoukville, you will see almost everywhere the sign of selling boat/ferry ticket to Koh Rong. Or you can book online:
There are several speed ferry companies operating multiple daily boats to and from the island’s main village, Koh Toch, and most offer hotel pickup in Sihanoukville. Tickets cost $22 return or $12 one way.
All boats leave from Serendipity Pier in Sihanoukville, unless otherwise specified. Occasionally weather conditions require boats to arrive and depart from Sihanoukville’s Royal Pier (the supply pier) but in this case, companies usually offer a shuttle bus service, free of charge.
The trip usually takes around 45 minutes, and the larger boat offers a smoother ride than the other companies.
Speed Ferry Cambodia fast boat schedule:
Sihanoukville to Koh Rong (Koh Toch): 9 a.m., 11:30 a.m., and 3 p.m.
Koh Rong (Koh Toch) to Sihanoukville: 10 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 4 p.m.

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This is the speedboat that we took for my first trip to the island. Once everyone got into the boat, we will receive a bottle of cold water and a life jacket. It was a smooth ride. GTVC speedboat schedule:
Sihanoukville to Koh Rong (Koh Toch): 8 a.m., 11 a.m., 2. p.m., and 4 p.m.
Koh Rong (Koh Toch) to Sihanoukville: 9:20 a.m., 11:45 a.m., 3:25 p.m., and 4:45 p.m.

But if you are looking for something cool and fun then the Happy boat is for you. My second trip to the island. we took a happy boat and yes it is a happy boat.

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Image result for happy boat koh rong
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The Happy Boat offers a popular three-island day tour that visits Koh Thas, Koh Rong, and Koh Rong Samloem. The trip includes a basic breakfast and an Asian-style buffet lunch and costs $27 for an adult and $13.50 for a child. This boat can also be used for transport directly to and from Koh Rong for $10 each way. You can also book online, well that’s what we did because it’s much easier.

Sihanoukville to Koh Rong (Koh Toch): 9 a.m.
Koh Rong (Koh Toch) to Sihanoukville: 5 p.m.